This Labor Day, we spent the weekend with Tom's family in Birmingham, MI outside of Detroit. It was great to spend the holiday weekend with family and especially had fun with our nieces and nephew (who are BIG fans of the Westy). We headed out Friday after work to drop one car in South Bend (where we will be storing both of our daily drivers during the big trip). With a quick trip over to visit Grandma Trimmer, we were finally headed to Birmingham at about 9pm. Unfortunately, it's about a 4 hour drive from South Bend to Birmingham and we were WIPED after a full work day. So around 11pm we decided to pull over and sleep for the night, with plans to leave early in the morning and have a full day with the Trimmer/Bâby clan. We woke up around 8am to find ourselves in this situation:
Poor little Westy looks like she's trying to be tough around all the big boys! Soon we were on our way.

We spent the day with our adorable nieces and nephew (and their parents and grandparents!) at Cass Lake. We even jammed an old windsurfing board into the Westy and the kids had a blast using it as a diving board/pretend restaurant/stand-up-paddleboard/king of the mountain game. The lake was perfect, the temperature was not too hot or cold, and the depth stayed at about 2 1/2 to 3 feet for a long way out, so the kiddos could play without worrying about getting too deep. We brought along a picnic lunch and found some perfect tables in the shade right by the water.

Saturday night we planned a camp-out in the Westy with our 5- and 4-year old nieces. The girls had never been camping or to a sleepover before, and we were VERY excited to get them into sleeping outdoors. It ended up turning into a girls-only Westy party in a thunderstorm, with Tom opting to sleep in a real bed for one of our last few nights of having that opportunity! The girls had a blast switching from the top bunk to the bottom bunk and back again a few times. They had lots of excellent questions like, "where does the thunder come from?", "what's that noise?", and "why does Uncle Tom have so many empty tubes of toothpaste?". We ended up all three sleeping on the bottom bunk until the little ones fell asleep, then Aunt Lisa snuck back up to the top bunk for a little snooze. The girls were champions and slept the whole night! They didn't even wake up until 8am! We were very impressed all around.
Sunday, we headed to Dearborn to visit Tom's grandfather who has been in the hospital for quite a few days. He seemed very happy to have so many new visitors and we were able to chat with him for a little while and meet all his "girls" who take such good care of him! Hopefully he will be headed home soon. That evening we met up with Tom's friend Curtis and his family and neighbors and headed over to the Royal Oak Arts, Beats, and Eats. The music festival was really fun and we had a great time catching up with Curtis and his family and meeting some new friends.
9/5/2011 02:30:32 am

Hi guys, sounds like you had fun. I just now found your blog. Too bad I can't see your leg wrestling video 'cause it says it's private!

Lisa Trimmer
9/5/2011 03:22:31 am

Hey Tadd! I changed the privacy setting so you should be able to see the videos now.

Peggy Bourlier
9/14/2011 07:18:19 am

Love it!! Just checked in to see where you guys are. Will check back. Where are you headed now? I thought I saw a picture of you in front of Kelly's belly.

6/25/2022 03:42:00 am

Greatt post thank you


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