Well this post is late in coming! We spent two nights in Sun Valley, ID exploring the town and surrounding area. Tom found a great mountain bike trail that headed up towards the gondolas and I found some great running trails and the $5 shower at the local YMCA! Our second evening there, we even stumbled upon a free Zumba class in one of the parks. We checked out the old Sun Valley Lodge, where the lounge features Julliard-trained jazz trios and the worlds first chairlift. It was another really fun ski town to explore and the weather and changing leaves could not have made for a prettier spot!
The next day we headed off towards Boise, where Tom's godparents live. Tom hadn't seen them in at least 30 years, so we gave them a call on our way into town. Boy were they surprised to hear from us! They were excited to see Tom and invited us over for dinner and to stay the night. We had a great time hearing stories about Tom's parents in their college years.

The next morning we were up early and headed out for the 8 hour drive from Boise to Seattle. It was amazing to drive from the eastern part of Washington State, where it's dry and flat, through the mountain passes and down into the lush, wet city of Seattle. The landscape changed as if a switch were flipped! We spent our time in Seattle with my Aunt Peg and Uncle Doug and little cousins John and Olivia and also with our friends Jarid and Carmin. We had a blast exploring West Seattle with the Feldners and getting to check out some awesome meals in their recently redone kitchen. Their dog, Sasquatch, was a lovely hostess :)
We went sailing one night with my Aunt and Uncle on their boat in the Shilshole marina which was amazing. The water and wind were perfect and we got a gorgeous sunset. The kids had a lot of fun exploring the Westy, as did their dog Daisy. One morning we went with Peg, Johnny, and Livvy to a park for some rock climbing! It was the kiddos first time out with harnesses and ropes and we all had a great time. We even did a little slack-lining, which appears to be much easier when you are six and much closer to the ground!
After a really fun stay in Seattle, we headed back to Chicago (via airplane) to attend my cousin Sara's wedding. It was a little strange to leave our nomadic lifestyle and head back to things that were so familiar. We had an absolutely amazing time visiting with my family and getting to see my parents and my sister. Now it's back to Seattle to pick up the Westy and continue the awesome adventure!

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